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You are ready to sell your home, a place you love, cherish and care for, where you and your family lived for a number of years. Now you are in a search for a professional who will handle this task with motivation, passion and professionalism and in as short a time as possible. A real estate professional who will put your needs and desires above it all. You are looking for a professional whom you can trust, rely on and respect, whom you will want to work with again and again.

There are a lot of Realtors in a Chicagoland, but how many of them are "Real" Real Estate professionals with the qualities you are looking for?!

Anyway, to learn more about a Realtor and to make sure that you are making the right decision, ask him/her the following questions before making your final decision:

  • How good does this realtor know your area/location?
  • What kind of protection coverage (legal, professional and physical) does he/she offer?
  • Does this realtor offer a trusted network of a related professional (such as: lawyers, lenders, contractors and so on) to cover your needs?
  • How often will this realtor report on the selling process of your home? By what means?
  • How available to you will she/he be? (return phone calls, emails so on)
  • How safe will you and your home be during the selling process?

These are just some of the most important questions every one should ask while choosing the "right" real estate professional.

Do not skip this step while choosing your realtor.

If you make the right choice, it will pay you back with peace of mind and a SOLD home.

A little TIP:

Google your Realtor's name. The more you know the more power you will have!

Good Luck in your search! And do not forget to give me a chance to answer those questions!


Lana Cole.

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