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Common mistakes that people in Foreclosure make

There are common mistakes which people make when they get behind in their payments.

Those mistakes are:

  • Rushing too quickly to file a bankruptcy case. ( No hurry, it can be done later if you need it)
  • Avoiding people who contact you about the foreclosure case. ( Call all of them and you will get a better idea of who knows what to do, and who actually wants to help)
  • Paying people money to help with the foreclosure. ( People who know what they are doing can help you get money, NOT ask you to pay more.)
  • Working only with your friends and their referrals. (If they knew anything about finances, you would not be in foreclosure now)
  • Doing nothing. (Proper planning can help you start to build a better life. The right decisions now, can help you later)

Your foreclosure case is a PUBLIC information and any one can access it.

People in foreclosure often have only one question when someone contacts them about their foreclosure - "How did you get my information?"

You would think they would want to know what help is available, but they often don't ever even ask.

I understand your feelings when you are in foreclosure.

I work with many families who are in foreclosure. I know how frustrated, insecure, embarrassed, and tired you might feel now, but closing your eyes on the problem will not make it disappear.

Instead, it will make you miss out on your share of the billions of dollars which are being given to people in foreclosure by the government, and not given to everyone else.

If you are embarrassed about your foreclosure, then ask your friends and relatives about the economy, for example.

Ask them if they know anyone who went through foreclosure and had a good result. They might volunteer some helpful information for you, like referrals to people who know how to help with the foreclosure process.

This way, you can get information without your friends and relatives knowing you are in foreclosure. It is usually a bad idea to let people know you are in financial trouble, because people might not treat you as well as they treat you when they think you are wealthy.

Telling your financial information to professionals is usually a better idea, because many professionals, especially lawyers, are prohibited form telling anyone else about your situation.

A financial planning attorney can be a particularly good find.

I like to help wherever I can. I try to help you take advantage of every opportunity available to you, and I try to help you avoid extra problems that you don't need.

Make a smart plan for your future and then follow it.

If you do it right you will be out of this difficult situation before you know it!

If there is a will there is a way!