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Do you need Foreclosure Defense from IL licensed Lawyer or Can you represent yourself

Foreclosure is a lawsuit that is filed against you and your home by your lender and its representatives.

You CAN fight foreclosure against your home by participating in the law suit, just like you would participate in any other law suit filed against you.

What are your options?

1. You can hire a lawyer to represent you and be your foreclosure defense Lawyer

Try choosing local Attorneys/Lawyer Firms. Avoid out of state ones.

Your attorney will go to court for you every month or as often as needed, prepare and file documents concerning your case, such as Answer, Affirmative Defenses, do research on your case etc.

See www.Aaron.Legal - Naperville Illinois based law firm for MORE detailed info.

2. You can represent yourself 

You really have to know what you are doing, since no one is out there to help you.

3. You can hire a lawyer who will prepare documents for you and you will be representing yourself as your own lawyer. But you will get help and coaching of your Attorney though the whole process.

What are the advantages of fighting foreclosure?

  • It gives you TIME
  • And I CANNOT stress enough how important time is for people in foreclosure.

    If you have that extra time you can maybe collect enough money to redeem your house, or get through the modification process(which is not short), or get a job, or borrow/receive needed funds from a relative/friend etc.

  • It gives you POWER
  • Once you start participating in your foreclosure law suit and file Legal Documents such as Answer, Appearance, etc., you will let the bank know that you will not give up your home without a fight.

    You will not be kicked out so easy and fast.

    You will be getting all of the notices and motions that the law firm hired by the bank files against you and your home.

    And this kind of knowledge is power, and power is what makes it easier to obtain a loan modification for you, or approval of your short sale.

  • You live in your home FREE
  • Every extra month that you stay in your home saves you rent money and gives you options to short sell your home and save your credit and good name.

If you are stressed out with your foreclosure and thinking about moving out of your home and abandoning it, think again.

Do not run away from this problem, or you might find yourself with a bigger problem such as a deficiency judgement that might follow you everywhere you go.

Instead of abandoning your home, participate/fight your foreclosure. We are here to help you.