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Consequences of foreclosure and what we do for people having trouble making their payments

SAVE YOUR HOUSE - Let us help you get the time you need to fix the payment problems with your house. Get a lower payment that you can afford.

SAVE YOUR CREDIT - Let us help you to avoid a foreclosure judgment against your credit.

Avoid the devastating effect of bankruptcy on your credit.

Regain your ability to borrow, after just a couple of years.

GET MONEY FROM YOUR HOUSE - We have a number of methods for getting money from your house, even though it is worth less than what you owe, your credit is shot, or you have no income.

These methods are only revealed in personal meetings with our clients.

MAKING YOU WEALTHY - After we help you to get past your financial difficulties with your house, we then want to start working with you to make you wealthy!

Some of the tools we use to help you are:


We will help you to make a plan that will benefit your situation the most. (Free)

Loan Modification 

Don't pay for a loan modification. It should be free, whether or not you actually get the modification.

Help you fight foreclosure 

See www.LawGuy.org, or another foreclosure defense attorney.
Home sale - Updated procedures for selling your home in the modern market environment.

Short Sale 

Sell your house for less than what you owe, and get your bank to agree to let you out of your loan without paying it off, and without owing any money. 

We will handle a total short sale process for you. We will talk to the bank, list your home, find a buyer for you and get you out of this situation. (Free, no charge to you.)


See www.LawGuy.org or other bankruptcy attorney. 

We try to avoid the need for you to file bankruptcy. But sometimes, bankruptcy can benefit you. 

Be careful of lawyers who only do bankruptcies, and who need to file your bankruptcy in order to make their living - it might not be in your best interest. 

Because we do so many other things that can help you, we do not need for you to file bankruptcy in order for us to generate funds. We do much better by helping you to get wealthy.


No one will know any details of your private situation.

We can help you to overcome hardship without experiencing consequences of foreclosure!

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