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About Us - Svetlana Cole & Steve Cole

My name is Lana (Svetlana) Cole, I am a Realtor. My husband's name is Steve Cole, and he is a lawyer (www.LawGuy.org)

Our primary mission is to help our clients get wealthy, and real estate skills are one of our main tools for accomplishing this.

You may be coming to us for the first time when you are in foreclosure, or on the edge of bankruptcy, or you may be a lot further along toward becoming wealthy.

Wherever you are on the road to becoming wealthy, we are here to help you get further.

We are a team!

It takes two professionals and a lot of effort to save a home.

We work together to achieve maximum success for our clients.

My husband did his first short sale more than 15 years ago. Together, we started to work with people in foreclosure about 2.5 years ago, when the number of foreclosures started to grow unreasonably. This is in addition to the other real estate work we do.

We find it satisfying to help people get through foreclosure, and move on to becoming wealthy.

We try to reach out to as many people as we can through mailings, referrals, internet, word of a mouth.

We give a lot of free and valuable information on our website, but we have some information, in addition to what is on the website, which we share with our clients who we actually meet.

We don't charge anything for initial meetings, and we have some services which don't cost you anything.

We always let you know in advance if there will be a charge for a service, so that you can decide whether or not y ou want the service, knowing ahead of time what it will cost. Since our initial meetings are FREE, we won't be wasting any time, your or ours.

We have a great number of satisfied clients who are happy that they met us and worked with us.

There are a lot of people who learned enough from our free initial meeting to save or earn themselves many thousands of dollars.

What do we do:

1. We can help you fight your foreclosure.

2. We can help you stop foreclosure against your home.

3. We can professionally handle your loan modifications for you.

4. We can keep you in your home as long as possible (extra 2-9 months)

5. We can sell your home (weather it is a short sale or traditional sale)

6. We can handle Bankruptcy for you.

7. We can help you buy a home.

Whatever you want to do, we will make a plan for you to handle your situation with the best results possible.

Whenever you work with us you will have our knowledge, experience, 100% coverage and total privacy.

Any questions you have will be timely answered. Often, when you call, you are reaching our cell phones, which we answer unless we are already talking to someone, or in a meeting.

What can you expect:

  • Knowledge, professionalism and expertise.
  • Privacy, honesty and reliability.
  • Availability, timely response, and the best results possible.


Lana (Svetlana) Cole and Steve Cole.