Listing Video Tour

Listing video tour with all the photos of the listing

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Svetlana Cole - Charles Rutenber real estate agent, Steve Cole - Attorney at Law

Svetlana Cole is a designated Charles Rutenberg Real Estate Agent in Glen Ellyn office

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Chicagoland Real Estate

ChicagoLand Real Estate market with all the facts on how to STOP foreclosure, buy a short sale home, foreclosure home or how we can sell your house in todays market.

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Loan Modification do's and don'ts

Loan modification. How and why your mortgage company will scam you with your mortgage modification application.

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What happens after foreclosure

What happens after foreclosure -what our clients say about working with us.

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Contact Us

Contact Us - how we can help you. What you can do to stop/slow down foreclosure.

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Fighting Foreclosure

Fighting foreclosure to save your home, can you do it?

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Consequences of foreclosure.

Consequences of foreclosure - what we do for you, if you have trouble making your payments.

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